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Choosing Better Electronics

Three Ways To Use LED Lighting As A Touring Musician

by Sofia Bradley

A touring musician who plays guitar needs to take a careful approach to packing the items that he or she will need on the road. While it's easy to focus on the instruments and even the wardrobe that you'll use on stage, you shouldn't overlook the importance of also considering smaller details that will make it possible for you to do your job. Give some thought to lighting. While each venue, of course, will have its own lighting situation, you should hit the road with a variety of LED lighting solutions that you can use in a variety of capacities. Here are three ways to use LED lighting as a touring musician.

On Your Pedal Board

Most touring musicians have not only their guitars and amplifiers to think about, but also their pedal board. This accessory sits on the stage in front of you, and one of the issues that you may encounter in a dark venue is that the pedal board is difficult to see. It can thus be difficult to select different pedals, which can lead to some embarrassing gaffes on stage. LED lighting can make a huge difference. Whether you outfit the pedal board with a few LED lighting strips or actually put an LED bulb in a small, gooseneck-style clip-on light, you'll be able to see and use the pedal board with ease.

In Your Road Cases

At most venues, it's dark on the sides and rear of the stage, and this can make it difficult for your guitar technician to work around your road cases. Whether the technician is grabbing a different guitar for you to use on the next song or making an emergency string change to your instrument between songs, he or she will need to be able to see clearly. Instead of using a small flashlight, which can be awkward when the technician needs both hands, plan to mount LED lighting strips to the inside of your road cases. Powered by batteries, these lights can be switched on with ease when they're needed.

Around The Stage

When you arrive at a venue and the lights are on, you'll want to thoroughly assess the stage. There are numerous factors to consider, including those related to safety. Many touring musicians have slipped off the front of the stage or stumbled down a flight of stairs next to the stage in the dark, and these accidents can lead to injuries. Some adhesive LED strips will allow you to light these areas temporarily to ensure your safety while you're performing.