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Choosing Better Electronics

Ready To Get LED Lights? Consider Extra Features For The Best Outcome

by Sofia Bradley

If you have incandescent lights all around your house, you may not like how much of an impact they have on your electricity bill or the fact that they warm up your home. Switching to CFL light bulbs is one way that you can upgrade them, but you can also make the switch to LED lights. If you are looking for an excellent long-term investment, you cannot go wrong with LED bulbs.

Even though these lights on their own will have a positive impact on your home, you can maximize these improvements by looking at all the extra features that you can find with them.

Smart Light Bulbs

A great example of what you can get with LED lights is smart features. For instance, you can hook your smart phone up to the light bulbs around your house, and adjust them on your phone. Some of these bulbs can provide you features, such as color changing, with just the tap of a button.

A huge benefit of smart capabilities is that you no longer have to go to the light switch to change the lighting in a room. For instance, you may be ready to start watching a movie in the living room, and instead of getting up to adjust the lights, you can do it from your phone, while on the couch.


If you have always wished that you could better adjust the lighting in your home, you will be able to accomplish this by switching to LED lights with dimming capabilities. The great thing about dimming is that you can create different moods, depending on the time and situation.

You can dim the lights until they are almost off, when you are watching a show or movie. Also, you will be able to make the lights bright when you are doing a puzzle or playing board games. If you want to optimize your costs, you can add dimmers to the rooms that you use the most.

You can also put them in rooms where you have different lighting needs regularly. Additionally, you do not need to put dimmers in the laundry room, where full lighting is often beneficial.

Switching from incandescent or CFL light bulbs to LED lights may not seem like a major change. But, when you consider all these different features that you can get with them, you will notice a substantial improvement to your home regarding the functionality of lights inside your home.